Virgins & Tricksters

My magic-realist short story collection Virgins & Tricksters was published in 2012 by Aqueous Books. When Aqueous shut its doors, I released a new edition, available as a paperback and on Kindle.

Veering between the realistic and the fabulist, these tales might best be described as whimsical-realist, or magic-absurdist. The settings range from the Caribbean to small-town Pennsylvania to a post-apocalyptic state forest. The first story in the book, “The Associated Virgins,” earned a Special Mention in the 2013 Pushcart Prize volume.

You can download a PDF of my short story “Taínos at Large” here.

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Praise for Virgins & Tricksters

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“Full of succinct, smart tales rooted in and rooting around in a female-centered spirituality, [with] rich and strong characters and vivid particulars.”—Marge Piercy, author of Woman on the Edge of Time

“A captivating collection…. By blending precise realism with wild magic, Kearns subverts our expectations in subtle yet astounding ways.”—Small Press Book Review

“Stunning, engrossing.”—Errant Dreams

“Kearns cleverly gets you to think, to feel, to question, to try to find meaning in everyday occurrences, for there is meaning in everything.”—jmww

​”​People tend to think they know what to expect from ​’ethnic​’ fiction: victim stories, the good old days in the ghetto/barrio/whatever, the political call to action . . . Then there are writers like Rosalie Morales Kearns. Talk about range! She can do just about everything from magic realism to science fiction, and more, and it’s mind-blowing all the way! Her stories are a joy to read​”—Ernest Hogan at La Bloga

“Literary fiction for those seeking depth and complexity.”—Arts & Letters

“Brims with color and kinetic power. … Points at the byways where connection can unleash aché, the vital life force, present in everything.”—Katherine Vaz, author of Fado & Other Stories and Our Lady of the Artichokes