Editorial/Publicity Consultations

Drawing on my experience as an author, editor, and publisher, I’m available to work with authors of literary fiction to (1) give editorial feedback on their manuscript, (2) give feedback on marketing materials for those seeking publication, and (3) consult on book publicity for those whose books have been accepted for publication. Details below.

Manuscript Assessment/Developmental Edit

If you have a completed, revised manuscript, I’ll read it and give you a detailed letter with editorial feedback on the various big-picture issues: plot structure, characterization, voice, themes, etc. I’ll highlight what you’re doing right, what I feel this book is doing or trying to say, what images/situations/characters stay with me, and suggestions on areas where I feel there is still room to improve (bearing in mind that this is a completely subjective venture). Price includes a one-hour phone call at the beginning to discuss your vision for the work and what you hope to get from my feedback. $5 per page.

Query Evaluation

I’ve been on both sides of this process: submitting my own work, and reading submissions for Shade Mountain Press and WSQ. If you have a polished draft of a literary novel ready to send out to agents or small presses, I can offer feedback on your query letter, synopsis, and first 25 pages of the manuscript. This may include follow-up emails or a phone call if you’d like to discuss my suggestions or show me a revised version of the query letter and/or synopsis. $300

Book Publicity

Your literary novel has been accepted by a small press. Congratulations! Unlike the larger corporate publishers, however, small presses often don’t have a lot of resources to dedicate to publicity. I draw on my experience as the founder of a small press to focus on book reviewers and other book news venues that are friendly to small-press authors. I can work with you and your publisher on any of the following:

  • drafting promotional materials
  • identifying book review venues
  • drafting queries and cover letters to reviewers (either a template for general use or individually tailored correspondence)
  • identifying appropriate literary awards venues
  • drafting/posting social media announcements

Please contact me at RMKeditorial@gmail.com for details and pricing on any of these book publicity services.